A Balanced Diet Is the Best IC Diet

When you first realize that there is a link between interstitial cystitis (IC) and diet, you may be afraid to eat because of the risk of a food-induced IC flare. But in order to heal and stay healthy, everyone with IC needs to eat a balanced diet. This helps you to maintain a strong immune system, good blood flow, proper bowel movement and nerve transmission.

Severely limiting variety in your diet can make it bland and boring. It doesn’t have to be that way. Select whole foods and fresh foods whenever possible—processed foods contain lots of ingredients, some of which may be personal triggers, and it can be difficult to determine what ingredient in these foods may be irritating to your IC. Also try different brands. Various brands of the same food may have completely different ingredients and additives that could irritate your IC bladder.

Grains  Vegetables Fruits Dairy Protein Foods
Make half your grains whole. Vary your
Slowly try
different fruits.
Eat calcium-rich foods. Go lean with
protein foods.


Here are some additional tips about eating with IC:


Posted July 18, 2012