For People with Interstitial Cystitis (IC)—Let It Snow White Chocolate!

With the holiday season, it is tempting to reach for foods that irritate my bladder. It just doesn’t seem fair that everyone else gets to enjoy the treats and I can’t have because of my IC. Do you have any suggestions for some desserts so that my holiday can have a little “sweet” too?

For IC patients, the holidays often tug at emotions in many ways and lifestyle limitations to help control IC symptoms can amplify these feelings. However, holiday sweets are not entirely out of the question. Most traditional sugar and butter cookie recipes are perfectly fine for IC patients. If you are worried about the food coloring in frosting, consider using all white frosting to make snowflakes on round cookies and sprinkle them with coarse sugar granules for a bit of sparkle.

For recipes that require chocolate, substitute carob or even white chocolate. White chocolate is actually a “fake” chocolate that doesn’t have the ingredients of regular chocolate that can irritate some IC bladders. Try hot white chocolate, white chocolate bread pudding, and pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate. Other sweet treats that seem to be IC friendly include peanut brittle, caramel corn, angel food cake, divinity fudge, snicker doodles, cheesecake, and blonde brownies.

More than anything, remember that the holidays are more than just sweets and gifts. They are about slowing life down just a notch to spend time with the people we love. That can be the biggest treat of all!

Posted December 09, 2010