Advocacy for Those Affected by Interstitial Cystitis

Join the movement to ensure optimal care with dignity for all those affected by interstitial cystitis. Rally with others from the IC community. Urge Congress to ensure that the federal health agencies dedicate funds and programs to meeting the special needs of people affected by IC. Your voice makes a big difference. interstitial cystitis advocacy
Call to Action
Share your story:

    • Urge Congress to dedicate more funds to IC research.
    • Let your Washington representatives know that continued efforts are required to raise awareness about IC - this is how we can ensure optimal care with dignity.
    • Remind these legislators of how disabling IC can be, help to safeguard Social Security disability benefits.

IC Advocates in Action
Help us document the grassroots IC advocacy effort. Let us know if you reach out to Congress and we’ll add you to the IC Advocates in Action Map!

Spur Research Funding
Advocate for research to find more effective treatments and a cure.

Ensure Optimal Care With Dignity
Take action and help ensure optimal care with dignity for all those affected by IC.

Safeguard Social Security Disability Insurance
Share how IC has impacted your life - help legislators understand that IC can be a debilitating condition.

Advocacy Toolkit
Make a difference in the fight for a better life for people affected by IC - be an advocate!

Revised September 08, 2010

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