Research Results

Research advances about IC, painful bladder syndrome and bladder pain syndrome. Also provides information about the process of bringing new treatments to market.

Clinical Trials
Seeking IC patients interested in participating in research studies of potential new treatments and more. Also information on how the ICA helps researchers with recruitment for clinical trials.

Conference Reports
ICA staff report from the floor of medical and scientific meetings. We tweet from meetings, publish reports on the meeting experience, and upload clips of interviews from the floor of the meeting on the ICHelp YouTube channel.

Bringing New Treatments To Market
Ever wonder why it seems to take such a long time for new IC medications to become available? Here’s the scoop!

Literature Reviews
Summaries of studies published in the IC academic literature – in plain English. Reviews are posted monthly. Abstract summaries from scientific meetings are also posted here.

Landmark IC Studies
Summaries of some of the key IC research studies, including MAPP, RAND, and BACH. Also provides link to database of current studies funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

ICA Pilot Research Program
The ICA Pilot Research Program began in 1985 and remains the first and only IC-dedicated research program funded by a non-profit, patient association.

ICA Patient Surveys
ICA surveys provide insights into the challenges of living with IC and clues about potential research avenues. Help researchers learn more by completing the monthly quick poll. Review past ICA surveys including the first IC Diet Survey and the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) surveyed completed by 2,100 patients.

Research Toolkit
Funding opportunities, databases and registries of patient data – patient data already collected and just waiting for researchers to analyze, funded NIH projects, unfunded projects and help with recruitment.

Revised January 9, 2015

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